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Poppy Switch London Escort

Hello and welcome, my name is Poppy currently residing in London. I am a particularly deviant lady with a deep thirst to explore every corner of the gorgeous and diverse world of human sexuality. I am a switch, this means that I love to play both Dominant and submissive roles in the bedroom, there are many sides to my nature and my sexuality is incredibly versatile. I love to discover new and delicious naughty games to play but my absolute favourite pleasure in the universe is finding out what makes you tick. Nothing is more satisfying than when I find the key to unlocking the naughty playbox inside your head and unleashing it in a wild adventurous moment.

Don’t think because I switch that I am not a true Dominant or submissive for I am not one to do things by halves. When I am experimenting with power games or role plays I am fully immersed in that role and put all of my passion into it.

The joy of switching is that I know exactly how it feels on both sides of the game. How it feels to submit oneself to a firm and authoritative Master or Mistress. I know how it stings and the bittersweet sensation of not knowing what or when will be the next torment or pleasure. How that strong hand feels on your back and that whisper in your ear turns you to jelly. This makes me the best Mistress I can be. Likewise as a submissive I understand exactly what my Dominant wants from me and how to please Him/Her. How can I be more perfect and how can I please my playmate most? I am on a never ending quest to become the best Mistress and the best submissive I possibly can be. The more I improve myself on both sides the more I find balance as a whole human.

I have lead an interesting life with many adventures around the world and enjoy a good conversation. I am well educated with a BA in English from Oxford. I love reading, writing and everything to do with storytime. Oh the age innappropriate literature I managed to get my hands on at that tender age. It was reading that opened the door to the world of kink for me, the creation of new stories through role plays and scenarios is a source of joy to me. Perhaps you would care to join me in the creation of our own storyline?

But first me introduce you to a couple of my favourite characters in my imagination.

Submissive Poppy

Hello Sir, please allow me to introduce you to the submissive part of my nature. You see, no matter how hard I try to be good (and I do so want to be good Sir) I keep on finding myself in a bit of a pickle with such a terribly sore bottom. This girl wants to please you Sir. How can I please you Sir?

Do you want to play pretend? I can be whatever you desire me to be. A naughty schoolgirl perhaps who so desperately deserves a firm spanking on her bare bum. See how red it gets. Maybe she was so very naughty that you need to dish out a thorough caning until she squeals and pleads for you to stop. Those red stripes will make her think twice before being cheeky to matron. What a naughty girl.

Maybe you would like me to be a clumsy secretary Sir, who constantly tries to get slutty with the interns. She ought to be taught a lesson don’t you think? She’ll have to work hard to keep her job and do all sorts of degrading things. I wonder how you will correct her errant ways.

Or is pet play more your thing? This girl makes an adorable puppy or kitten, desperate to please and play. She would do anything (and I mean anything) for a belly rub and to be told she’s a Good Girl. As a pony girl you will find her incredibly strong and graceful, able to endure heavy loads and feats of endurance.

You will be impressed by my tolerance to pain and ability to endure certain ordeals. I enjoy having my limits pushed and particularly love impact play, bondage, breast torture and having that bit on the front of my thighs whacked with an implement (excuse me whilst I have a wicked daydream).

There are so many possibilities to explore, please Sir thrill me with a new game to play. In the meantime please allow me to inform you of some of the services I offer. Maybe they can inspire you…

I have a range of toys, equipment and outfits, anything not on this list please inquire.

Mistress Poppy

Greetings dear sluts and pervert, I am Mistress Poppy and you are in for a treat for I have some terribly wicked things up my sleeve for you. For nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing my little pets face contort with pain or pleasure under my firm gaze. It will be easy for me to control you like a mere puppet or plaything in my skilled fingertips. You will be so honoured to be allowed to sit up at my feet and try to make my world more perfect.

I can take you to the very edge of your limits and open your mind and body to sensations you never thought possible. I know how to read you, when to be gentle and when to be hard. And when to be even harder. You are in very safe hands if you are nervous about trying something new. My favourite game is helping my little playthings find, explore and accept their deepest kinks and perversions.

I have had many years experience in the world of kink and am well versed in many of the arts of domination. But I do have a few particular specialities.

Pet play makes me very happy indeed, I love to see my pets looking ridiculous writhing around on the floor and following my every command. I’m also a fan of age play and am very happy playing the Mummy role to an adult baby, or a strict school teacher to a naughty boy who deserves a spanking. I also love feminisation and cross dressing, you will be such a pretty girl, I have just the dress for you.

I am an incredibly strong and capable wrestler, my athletic physique and powerful wrestling moves will doubtless have me overpowering you. I will wrap my strong thighs around you and squeeze you till you beg for mercy.

If you are looking for a thoroughly immersive and intense experience I also offer a kidnapping service with the help of a couple of other Mistresses. Please inquire for more details.

A more detailed list of my services for you to drool over.
OTK, caning, spanking, whipping, corporal punishment, punching, kicking, CBT (cock and ball torture), candlewax torture, body worship, foot worship, trampling, smothering, face sitting, breath play, shaving/waxing, tickling, fantasy wrestling, humiliation, spitting, urethral sounding, strap on, anal play, watersports, bondage, suspension, sensory deprivation, cage confinement (extended), st andrews cross, nipple torture, slave training, domestic training, feminisation, corset training, sploshing.

I have a fully equipped dungeon at my disposal with a range of implements at my disposal. If you have a particular fantasy not listed, please inquire.

Poppy switch contact details

How to arrange a session

I am available for incalls at my fully equipped dungeon in Seven Sisters at my kinkily kitted out apartment in central London. Outcalls are possible but I prefer to have met you first at an incall location.

I am fairly flexible with my time but need to have some advance notice.

Please be respectful with calling. I prefer if you text first to see if I am available as I am not always able to receive calls of this nature.


Once you have made a booking.
I make every effort to be well presented and punctual and have a high standard of hygiene, I expect the same respect in return from my clients. Please let me know if you are running late or can’t make the appointment.

I look forward to playing with you...